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Want to start a dog business or do you have a small dog business? If either of these describes you I can help you realize you dreams.

Hello dog trainers, dog business owners, and those who want their own dog businesses. This site is being redesigned to help you improve your dog business, with somewhat of an emphasis on dog training businesses.

While I am most familiar with dog training businesses I am developing new marketing programs to help all kinds of dog businesses from trainers to pet sitters and dog walkers to veterinarians and pet industry manufactures. I am especially interested in helping the very small business whose needs are very different than what mainstream ad agencies are familiar with.

We are changing the programs offered that help people start and run their dog businesses and become professional dog trainers.

Dog training business overview

We will be adding information about how become a dog trainer, how to start a dog training business and the how to improve daily operations of your business. We plan on developing information about all types of dog businesses people may be interested in. the first one that comes to mind is dog walking and pet sitting. These are both very popular areas in my dog directories and they can be a natural add on to dog training.

I hope to keep the dog training business site in a dynamic state as I develop new online opportunities for dog entrepreneurs. Years ago I developed a business plan for starting a dog training school. Once I can find that information I will be implementing the dog training school program on my website. Check back for updates.

I also plan to help people learn my new Lifestyle Support Dog® program, which is getting an update along with most of my websites. I wish I had more than 24 hours in the day.

Wishing you the best in dog training and in life
Andrew Ledford
The Dog Saint
Caretaker of RenChenZa®

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Yours for success in business and in life,

Andrew Ledford


Our new focus is content creation, website hosting and pet industry marketing with an emphasis toward the very small business (businesses with one to 9 employees.) At this time we are no longer offering our apprenticeship programs.


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