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Our Internship leads into the apprenticeship programs

Internship programs are usually two to four months long. After the internship is finished there is a chance of being given the opportunity to participate in the apprenticeship program. As a apprentice dog trainer you will earn a small income. If you want to start off making the income of someone who has spent their entire life training dogs and are not going to be happy with a small income while you are finishing your apprenticeship program don't waste my time or yours with frivolous participation.

You don't need any experience to qualify for the Internship program.

I teach both a mix style of dog training (also called a balanced style) and a reinforcement based style of training. I rely mainly on a mixed dog training style for the majority of our training clients. However I want all trainers to know how to use an all positive approach when that is needed.

Internship programs do have some required reading and writing assignments. For those who may not have the required English skills we may be able to do oral assignments.

Each stage of the learning process is part of the selection process. This means that each phase is part of the process to determine if we are a good fit. I am not charging a formal fee for the Internship program. However, helping with training and research will be part of the internship.

If you cannot commit to finishing the program it is best if you don't start. If you enter this program to steal my knowledge and abuse the system you will ruin the chance for many others, both people and dogs, to learn and be helped from my experience. It will eventually benefit everyone if we can all work together for the common good of dogs, pet owners and society. You may need to make some sacrifices in the beginning. Just as I will need to sacrifice some of the things I want to do so that I will have time to teach you.

If you want to go out and train dogs on your own this is a valid option. However, I do not want to teach some one and have them apprentice under me only to have them training on their own before the program is over. If you want to train dogs on your own for profit before an apprentice program would be completed, apply yourself to one of my other programs.

When you are ready to go out on your own I will try to help those who have been honest and loyal. If you abuse my kindness and how I have designed the program you will not only hurt all the other participants but you will diminish the chances of your own success. This model is designed to work best with all the participants working together.

After the apprenticeship program there will be help in establishing a dog training business for those who want to work in a community that is not directly competing with our organization. Again you will need to make sacrifices when starting a business. This need to make sacrifices for the sake of the business it part of what running a business is about.

This is not a 6 weeks to become a master dog trainer, type of program, and it will require dedication and a true desire or commitment to see it through to the end. Just to apply and get through the first stage will take effort. You will have several reading and writing assignments to complete.

I have decided to meet informally in local Orange County locations so we can get to know each other before anyone make any commitments. This will give us both a chance to decide if we are a good fit. It may be that you do not like my style of training or my style of interacting with people. In which case it would be better for you to work with a different trainer/teacher.

The beginning training often require the learner to do things they think are unimportant and in the beginning some things may even feel uncomfortable. If you don't think you can deal with stretching your boundaries and going past your comfort level you might not want to be in one of my programs.

Acceptance into the Internship program and apprenticeship program will depend a lot on one’s attitude and how much you want to train with me. Probably the most important factor is, if we will be a good fit.

Quite a bit of dog training information is presented with ideas borrowed from evolutionary development combined with a Westernized Eastern philosophy. If you do not believe in evolution this is not going to be a good program for you. Getting accepted into this program does not depend greatly on how much money you can spend on the dog training instructors program but more on desire.

If you are interested I would be happy to hear from you,



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