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Dog Training Best Friends Learning Together the book

Dog Training Best Friends Learning Together
by Andrew Ledford

Amazon link Dog Training Best Friends Learning Together

The dog training book that gives the training team’s human side a strategy for understanding the training processes. This is a book bout how people learn, centered around our best friend the dog. Here is a dog book that helps people discover how in a time poor society they too can find dog training success.


To be successful at training dogs requires the same skills used for success in other areas of life.” Best Friends Learning Together shows how human and dog behavior mix in a dance of understanding and responsibility. With this book the Andrew Ledford shows information age humans how to decode the rules of nature from the human / pet experience. Right from the beginning, you’ll notice this isn’t an orthodox training book. It’s “more about how humans look at or approach dog training objectives than a how-to manual on training techniques.”

As Andrew says “If you know about dogs you know about life” Dog Training - Best Friends Learning Together condenses over 30 years of dog experience into seven essentials Points Of Reference:
1- Rules of a Chosen Pursuit
2 - Rules of Nature
3 - Social Rules
4 - Personal Rules
5 - Rule of Progression
6 - History
7 - Acceptance

"You can visit the books website Here at on the site you will find more information about me Andrew Ledford and get to see some of the fun videos we have done."

I am wishing you the best in dog training and in life
Andrew Ledford
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