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Dear small business owners and pet industry marketing professionals

Our network of websites and new print venues are opening up to sponsors and small businesses. Sponsorships are more customized and provide greater value than simple advertising. In the past I have made the decision to not accepted any advertising outside of the free directory listings on our sites. However, now that I am interested in devoting more time to content creation we are looking for quality companies that I can recommend and work with. Content creation takes both time and financial resources.

We have had an active web presents since 1999. Currently we have two websites that get fair traffic. These two websites are fortunate in that they both get good ranking in Google on most key words that are relevant to dog training and dogs in Orange County CA. As our multimedia projects go forward we plan to increase the relevance and ranking for the Los Angeles dog website as well. We have two low traffic sites that while the numbers are not impressive their ranking in Google is very good. They are this site and ranks well for “dog training business” and “dog business.” Interestingly my site ranks better for “dog businesses.” ranks well for key word pertaining to the protection dog industry. I will be developing both of these sites and should see an increase in traffic.

There will soon be some great opportunities for both small businesses and pet
industry corporate sponsors who serve the protection dog community on

Our network of website can provide a beneficial gorilla marketing move for smaller businesses and corporations. Investing in our community of sites will allow small businesses and small corporation to scoop the big ad budgets of the mega corporations.

We also get okay ranking on “dog boarding,” fourth page on Google and the second page for “dog boarding kennels.” This will move up as I can devote more resources to content creation. If you are interested in being associated with any of these sites you can contact me at where you will primarily get dog related information.

I have recently launched a new book Dog Training Best Friends Learning Together and we are developing a new social networking site for dog owners. The new site will have membership opportunities for both small businesses and corporate. In stage three of the new site there will be an internet video channel unless the programming is picked up by more established old media.

I may be open to offering corporate sponsorship positions on my websites. However, I really want to help small businesses by giving low risk high value promotional opportunities. Currently sponsorships are available on the static html sites. Soon pet industry sponsors will also have the opportunity to be involved with our new dog lifestyle site. The big advantage to sponsoring the social networking site will be placement in video programming and interactivity with site members. We are also planning to publish a new book based on notes and information that did not make it into the book “Dog Training Best Friends Learning Together.” The new book will offer new sponsorship opportunities and will be published in an ebook format.

Wishing you the best in dogs and the best in life
Andrew Ledford
The Dog Saint
Caretaker of RenChenZa®

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