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We are once again offering the Dog Trainer Internship / Apprenticeship program.

Dog Trainer Internship / Apprenticeship program is very personal approach to teaching and can be quite informal. While the program is informal it does have structure in that there are books that need to be read and assignments that need to be completed. This program was deigned to be an extremely flexible way to teach a wide variety of people how to become a professional dog trainer. I feel that dog training is as much art as it is science.

At this time a person does not need to be licensed or accredited in any way to become a professional dog trainer. There are both bad and good aspects to this state of affairs. On the bad side are the somewhat questionable dog trainers and the ones that just went though a group class and now claim to be experts. On the good side trainer have more freedom in how the carry out their craft.

There are now a few organizations vying for power over the dog training industry. As time passes this area may become a bit more crowded

I am primarily interested in working with future trainers who want to learn a mixed style of training with an emphasis on positive reinforcement. I am also developing an all positive reinforcement program so I am open to working with those o\who lean towards no force training too.

I have a special interest in Asia and at this time I’m willing to discus making special arrangements for those from Taiwan and Japan.

I expect higher acceptance levels from those who are mainly interested in positive reinforcement. Acceptance requires the individual to put aside the divisive emotions of competing philosophies.

Becoming a dog trainer with the help of a mentor.
I am primarily helping people lean how to be companion dog trainers.

I have also started to incorporate parts of our new training program into the course.

At this time I am considering teaching new training (experimental) system along with more traditional training to an Intern / Apprentice from a foreign country.

Many dog trainers learn their profession by studying under experienced and knowledgeable mentors. In fact this is one of the more important parts of my career. I don't think I could have learned what I know about dog behavior without these people passing their knowledge on to me. And, I am eternally thankful to them for their gifts of insight. In fact this gift of knowledge is like a golden thread that will connect those who learn from me to my teachers.

Books can help you on your quest to becoming a dog trainer.
Large quantities of vital knowledge can be acquired though reading books. This is an area we will use extensively though out this training program. Books are like stepping stones, which make getting to your destination easier and more pleasant. Books are most useful if one has a foundation or reference that the textual material can be related to.

Becoming a dog trainer with the help of a mentor.

One of the most important areas of learning comes from the subject itself. The dog. My best teachers have been the dogs I've known and trained. Because dogs are such good teachers I want you to spend a certain amount of time actually working with dogs. There is no substitute for being around, caring for, and working with many different dogs. A person can be great at training their own dog and not be good at training dogs in general. To become a good dog trainer you need plenty of experience with many kinds of dogs.

Becoming a dog trainer means knowing about more than just dogs.
The next area of importance to your success is your ability to work with people. The biggest job a professional dog trainer has is to teach the dog's owner about the dog. You need good people skills to be good at training dogs. I want to work with people who are as interested in helping people as in helping dogs. Any job or experience you have working with the public will help you in your dog training career

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